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Effective March 27, 2015, sales of licenses for PurgeIE, PurgeIE Pro and PurgeFox were discontinued.

This is due to Microsoft's announced intention to replace Internet Explorer with a new web browser named Edge (or Spartan). This is expected to occur with the official release of Windows 10. 

PurgeIE was in the marketplace for 16 years and PurgeFox for 10 years. 

Support will continue for 12 months terminating March 31, 2016.

Licensed customers should check periodically for maintenance releases.

   PurgeIE supports VISTA thru Win-8 protected mode Cookies and Cache


PurgeIE is available as two separate products.

Both PurgeIE 9.02 and PurgeIE Pro 5.02 
support VISTA thru Win-8 [32 & 64 bit] systems and IE-10.
PurgeIE 8.05 and PurgeIE Pro 4.05 do not support 
Windows 8 or IE-10.


Windows 8 / IE-10 Note  -  PurgeIE, PurgeIE Pro and PurgeFox were designed to work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Prior to IE-10, Internet Explorer utilized files named Index.dat for indexing the Cache, Cookies and History information.

Beginning with IE-10, Index.dat files are not used. The indexing functions are implemented within a Microsoft database system. The programming interface routines used to access the Index.dat files now function for the database system.


IE-10 was distributed with Win- 8 and recently made available for use on Win-7 systems with Windows Update set to automatically install IE-10.


If you are currently using IE-10, you need to upgrade to PurgeIE 9.02 or PurgeIE Pro 5.02.

Download PurgeIE - the Swiss Army Knife of Cache and Cookie Utilities for Internet Explorer
15 days -
Free Trial
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PurgeIE is a program for removing your surfing tracks from your computer.  Internet Explorer keeps a lot of information that can reveal your surfing habits.  This includes a history of each site you have visited in addition to a copy of each of the Webpages.

PurgeIE optionally displays a list of the items it deletes and provides a 'Preview' function to let you determine the items that would be deleted by the 'Purge' function.

PurgeIE frees up wasted space on your HardDrive.  PurgeIE  functions without requiring you to restart your computer.

PurgeIE was initially released in February, 1999, and has become the utility that newer software products try to imitate.  PurgeIE now has registered users in over 55 countries.

Download PurgeIE Pro - the professional edition of PurgeIE
15 days -
Free Trial
Link to the PurgeIE Pro download page

Link to the PurgeIE Pro Purchase page

     PurgeIE Pro is the professional edition of PurgeIE.

In addition to the features in PurgeIE, PurgeIE Pro includes Secure Erase and supports Plugins.

Although several Plugins are distributed with PurgeIE Pro,  a separate program is available for you to create your own Plugins to delete files, folders and Registry entries.

PurgeIE Pro
supports separate option sets for the various execution modes.

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Both PurgeIE and PurgeIE Pro support

Windows XP, VISTA, Win-7 and Win-8
Internet Explorer 5.0 - 10.0


Please check the following links for additional information:


[ Windows 7 Considerations ]

[ Internet Explorer 8 Considerations ]


There are no additional charges for Maintenance Releases or New Versions.

Registered users are welcome to download and install New Versions.

Free support is provided via Email.

Converting to FireFox

Due to customer requests, a separate program, PurgeFox, has been developed to support cleanup for the popular FireFox browser.  Note that PurgeFox is also known as Purge FireFox.

Please visit https://www.purgefox.com to learn more about PurgeFox.


Recent Changes - for PurgeIE, PurgeIE Pro and PurgeFox

Included support for the Temp Folders to include those defined via the System Variables "TEMP" and "TMP".


The new versions process both the Protected Mode folders and the Normal Mode folders for I.E. 8.0 - and above.

Users can now designate Cookies to have their data randomized (jumbled) by the Purge Cookies functions.  This should make the designated Cookies meaningless to their creator.

Users can now change the display Fonts for the primary Windows.  You get to decide how the listings look.

Error messages are now Color coding of  in the "Display Results" listings.


A Cookie Viewer function assists you in designating which Cookies to protect and helps you manage Cookies.

Cache files (offline and online), unprotected Cookies, the record of 'Visited URLs', the History Folders, Strays, and Recent Links (Documents) are among the categories you can choose to purge.

can also be used for clearing Internet Explorer Address Bar history.  This is I.E.'s Typed URL Address dropdown list.

clears the entries inside the 'Index.dat' files.  PurgeIE does not shrink, delete or remove 'Index.dat' files.  These operations could only be done using DOS mode while Windows is closed.  Competing products that remove 'Index.dat' files require you to reboot (restart) your system to complete a cleanup.  

cleans the 'Index.dat' files by using approved Microsoft program functions to remove the entries from the 'Index.dat' files.  

contains an Emergency function for deleting 'Index.dat' files should the need arise.  This does require a reboot.  This has been documented on a separate Webpage - www.purgeie.com/cachefix.htm

Note - some newspapers and magazines refer to PurgeIE as "Purge IE".  

An explanation for 'Index.dat' files and the structure for the primary Internet Explorer folders is available via the following link

[Index.dat Information]

A Tutorial is now available to assist the new user with the basic operation of PurgeIE.

Click the following link to start the Tutorial in a separate window - TUTORIAL

Trial Period 

Both PurgeIE and PurgeIE Pro are marketed as Shareware.  This means that you are free to try the programs prior to registration.  You are allowed to test this software for fifteen (15) days in its Fully-functional mode.  These days need not be contiguous.  Once the Trial Period expires, the program can still execute in Preview mode for evaluation purposes.  In Preview mode no actual deletes are performed.  The program must then be registered to regain its Fully-functional mode.

The non-contiguous evaluation period avoids the scenario in which one downloads a program, studies it briefly, has to put it aside for other pressing matters, tries to evaluate it after several weeks and finds that it does not function after some fixed time.   Actually, one could use the program weekly for 15 weeks before registering it.

Other Software Utilities

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Windows allows creation of data files and folder names that can not be deleted or renamed via Windows Explorer.  This creates a need for DelinvFile.


SharePrep is a utility program for SharePoint administrators to correct file and folder names in preparation for importing data into Microsoft's SharePoint. The file and folder names within SharePoint have more restrictions than for normal Windows operation.  


SharePrep has scan and rename functions to assist in the preparation project.

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