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PurgeIE Pro is the 'professional' edition of PurgeIE.

While some of the PurgeIE users have requested that PurgeIE be kept simple and straightforward, others have requested that it be expanded to do everything imaginable.  

This has led to the development of PurgeIE Pro as a separate product.  Both PurgeIE and PurgeIE Pro will be supported and will be enhanced for new versions of Windows and Internet Explorer.  

In addition to all of the options and features of PurgeIE, PurgeIE Pro contains the following additional options and features:

Secure Delete - 

This provides several variations for securely erasing the data files that PurgeIE Pro deletes.  This can be used to simply overwrite the file with binary zeroes.  You can choose to overwrite multiple times with random to exceed the federal standard "DOD 5220.22-M".  

Plugins - 

A Plugin for PurgeIE Pro is a special set of control statements for deleting specified disk files or folders and/or specified entries from the Windows registry.

A few standard Plugins are distributed with PurgeIE Pro.  Additional Plugins will be available via this website as they are developed.  Users are encouraged to develop their own and to submit them here for general use.

Plugin Manager - 

This is a separate program that you can use to generate and test your own Plugins.  This requires a separate download.  Click here to Download Plugin Manager.

Purge & Shutdown Shortcut - 

A Shortcut is available for those that would like to execute PurgeIE Pro within their shutdown procedures.  The Shortcut executes PurgeIE Pro using an option to shut down Windows when it completes the Purge function.  This approach avoids the timing considerations and potential conflicts with other programs.  You can use the Configure windows to set the type of Shutdown to be used.  

Store separate option set for each execution mode - 

in addition to saving purge options for manual operation, PurgeIE Pro allows separate option sets for:

'Purge Now'  -  for execution via 'Purge Now' shortcut
'Startup'  -  for execution at system Startup
'Shutdown'  -  for execution with System Shutdown.

- - - - Update Policy - - - -

There are no additional charges for Maintenance Releases or New Versions.

Registered users

There are no annual fees.

Your PurgeIE registration can be converted to PurgeIE Pro at a reduced cost.  Currently, this fee is $10.00 USD.

System Requirements

This program requires a 32-bit Windows Platform:  Windows XP through Win-8.

This program supports Internet Explorer 5.0 through Internet Explorer 10.0.

[Download PurgeIE Pro]

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