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Effective March 27, 2015, sales of licenses for PurgeIE, PurgeIE Pro and PurgeFox were discontinued.

This is due to Microsoft's announced intention to replace Internet Explorer with a new web browser named Edge.

PurgeIE was in the marketplace for 16 years and PurgeFox for 10 years. 

Support will continue for 12 months terminating March 31, 2016.

EditURLs will be removed from this website March 31, 2016.

Welcome to the EditURLs Web-Site.  The purpose of this Web-site to provide Support Services and Download Link for EditURLs which is the execution name for "Edit the URL Address Dropdown List for Internet Explorer".

Some have suggested that EditURLs be renamed to "Edit Internet Explorer's Address Bar".  Others have suggested -"IE Address Bar Editor", "IE Address Bar Manager", "IE URL Editor" and "IE URL Manager".

The current release of EditURLs is Version 2.02



EditURLs is a Free browser tool that provides the user with the capability to edit individual URL addresses in Internet Explorer's Address Bar.  These URL addresses are also referred to as "Typed URLs".

EditURLs can can be used to delete individual URLs or for clearing all of IE's Address Bar history.

These URL addresses are maintained in the Windows Registry and can be edited using a Registry editor.  However, one is generally cautioned that a miscue with a Registry editor could render one's system inoperable.  Additionally, the Value names for the URL entries must be named consecutively (url1, url2, url3,...).

EditURLs provides an easy to user interface to accomplish editing of the "Typed URLs" in the Windows Registry and maintain the required consecutive Value names.

In addition to simple editing and deletion of individual "Typed URLs", EditURLs provides a function for deleting all of the URLs.

Another feature that many users find convenient is the capability to restore a saved copy of the "Typed URLs".  That is, the user can maintain his/her personal set of "Typed URLs" in a Master set for restoring at the click of a button.  Recent additions include a function for Sorting the URLs and 'up' - 'down' buttons for manual reordering the URLs.

EditURLs does not contain any 'ad-ware' or 'call-home' functions.

Track Cleaning / Footprint Removal

For those of you that are evaluating EditURLs as a convenient means to clean up tracks, you need to be aware that the tracks you have seen in the URL Address Dropdown List is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

To see more of the tracks on your system, bring up the "Internet Options" panel and select the "Settings" button within the "Temporary Internet Files" section.  Then select the "View Files" button.  Browse through this list of Cookies and Cache files after you have done some browsing and you may be shocked at the information revealed just by the full URL addresses.  Sometimes the addresses and Cookie names are just as revealing as the actual Web page.  

These are considered to be "tracks" or "footprints" which anyone using your computer can see with only a few mouse clicks.  EditURLs now contains a brief demo that you can use to display these files.

If you are interested in a good Track Cleaner, please download and evaluate PurgeIE, our primary ShareWare product.  PurgeIE is also known as "Purge Cache, Cookies and Tracks for Internet Explorer".  Some insist on calling it "Purge IE".  It has received the coveted 5-Star Award from Ziff-Davis's ZDnet. 

As the full name implies, PurgeIE can be used to clean up your Cache files and your Cookies as well as cleaning up your Tracks.  

PurgeIE can be used for controlling the Cache based on time-since-last-use for those who are not interested in track cleaning but are interested in efficiency, etc...

Actually, EditURLs was developed to give PurgeIE customers additional control of the "Typed URLs".  PurgeIE has a function for deleting all of the "Typed URLs".  Some were wanting the ability to pick and choose the URLs to keep, etc.. 

You can download PurgeIE via  http://www.purgeie.com

System Requirements

This Program and related files require approximately 1088K of hard disk space for storage after installation.  An additional 480K of hard disk space is required for the download.

This program requires a 32-bit Windows Platform - Windows- NT-4 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP  or VISTA.

This program will function fully for Internet Explorer 4.0 - 8.x.

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