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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see a dropdown list of websites when I begin typing in the address field?

These come from Internet Explorer's AutoComplete function.  The 'Typed URLs' that EditURLs processes are only one portion of the URLs that AutoComplete uses.  Please use the following link for additional information -  http://www.aandrc.com/editurls/autocomp.htm

Why was EditURLs redistributed as FreeWare?

EditURLs did not receive adequate registrations to justify the effort to maintain it as ShareWare

What about the registered users of EditURLs?

They will be offered a Complimentary Registration for our flagship product, PurgeIE.  If they do not receive the E-mail making this offer, they can contact the vendor to receive their Complimentary Registration.

Does the Internet Explorer have to be shut down while EditURLs executes?

Yes!!!  The reason for this is that Internet Explorer maintains the URL Address dropdown list in memory and writes it to the Registry when it is shut down.

The effect of any changes to the list via EditURLs while Internet Explorer is active would be overlaid when Internet Explorer is shut down.

How do I upgrade to the new version of EditURLs?

You can download the new version from this WebSite via http://www.aandrc.com/editurls/retrieve.htm  

You should then install the new version in the same directory (folder) your current version is installed in. This preserves your screen settings and your Master URL file.  

Do not uninstall the old version as this would delete these settings, etc...

How do I uninstall EditURLs?

To uninstall EditURLs, use the "Add/Remove" function found on your Window's "Control Panel"..

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